For times of uncertainty: How to make decisions that last in your 20s

go ahead

I’m writing this from my tablet. Just realizing how uncomfortable it is to write with a digital keyboard. Oh well. I am writing from my tablet because I was reading one of those free e-books about how to become a writer or something. Sounds cliche (and it is). But it doesn’t matter.

The author said some pretty interesting stuff about the importance of writing and publishing every day so you can avoid making decisions about what and when to write, and also to overcome the desire of being great every time. 

He also talked about how you should just go ahead and do it. One important thing that caught my attention was when he said that:

we should stop wasting time admiring creativity.

Ouch, that hurts. I’m a huge creativity admirer, and I enjoy observing, listening and learning from others. I love to write, but normally I’d write only for myself in order to make sense of the world, my thoughts, my actions and values.

Writing for others is a huge responsibility, especially because people are just living their lives, trying to find answers for themselves. Hell, I’m doing the same. And that’s why I write, usually in a notebook, for myself.

But I’m also a writer, professionally I mean. I’m graduated in Journalism, I’m doing my masters in Digital Communication. Writing, creating digital content, thinking and critiquing media content is what I do. So why I have such difficulty calling myself what I already am?

Why most of us beat around the bush when it comes to decide what we want to do and can do and who we are?

We waste a lot of time thinking: is this what I want? Should I pick another thing? Should I wait until I’m more prepared, until I have more experience… ?

Blogging or putting your ideas and creativity out there is mostly about being there for other people to relate to you. Take advantage of the digital platforms that many of us have the privilege to access, and start creating stuff, instead of spending more time consuming and admiring others. 

Being able to relate our journeys to other people is quite important in a moment of doubt. But more important than that is to remind yourself of one thing:

there is no point in waiting.

Making the decision and doing (and being) what you decided is the most important thing. Remember that most people are too comfortable doing their same old same old routine to take action. If you take action, you are one of the few.